Do you find that your life choices are constantly affected by your self-doubt? Does that voice in your head talk you out of taking action, speaking up or just generally being authentic? Join the club.

One of the best life lessons I have learned from my clients is that self-doubt is the biggest pandemic in our society. It has become human nature to talk ourselves out of doing what we desire or what we think is right and the way we treat ourselves would generally be considered inappropriate and potentially abusive if we began treating others the same way.

If you’re suffering from this mass-affliction, take some time to truly look around you and examine people. Start noticing the layers of doubt stacked upon each one of us; as soon as you shift the focus from yourself you will start to see just how prominent this is.

Make an effort to change the way you talk to yourself: be kinder, more compassionate and stand up to that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough!

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