Many of us are feeling the strain as the Winter nights start to close in. Those cold, dark mornings and evenings often add a mental weight to us as we struggle to come to terms with the end of the ever elusive British Summer. So how can we overcome this Autumn melancholy?

One of the biggest factors in mental health that is taken for granted is your living environment. Since we can’t control the outside, it’s time to rebuild the inside. Cleaning and reworking the home is not reserved for Springtime – so start your Autumn cleaning!

If you’re a festive person, now might be the time to give into the Christmas buzz. It’s easy to dismiss all of those fairy lights and baubles when the big day still seems miles off, but why not just give in and start decorating your living space? It might just help you embrace the seasonal weather changes.

If you don’t fancy grabbing the tinsel just yet, there are many more options. Create yourself a nest for the Winter months ahead with cushions and throws to help create that cosy pre-hibernation vibe. Instead of fairy lights, try some candles to bring out that magic, mystical Autumnal feeling. Playing with light is a great way to come to terms with the newly darker days and reminds us of the festive aspects of Autumn, with light being key in our Guy Fawke’s, Halloween, Christmas, Diwali and Channukah celebrations.

This is also the perfect season to start using scents in the home. Try some incense or scented candles with festive, Wintery aromas such as cinnamon, ginger or pine. Better yet – start mulling some wine or baking some gingerbread!

Whatever method you choose, treat yourself to a new, improved environment for the Winter season and break that negative association. The end of the year can be a magnificent and magical time if you learn to facilitate it!